We believe that nature often provides the best health and food products. Our bees are fortunate to live in remote pristine lands away from human pollutants and intervention. Our Manuka honey is sensational! Experience it for yourself. Welcome to the remote regions of New Zealand, where our Manuka honey is nature's perfection. We are committed to providing natures best artisan honey products.

Welcome to Wilderness...

Our honey selection

Wilderness 265+ MGO Manuka honey

Wilderness 90+ MGO Manuka multi-floral honey

Wilderness 45+ MGO Manuka multi-floral honey

Quality and authenticity guaranteed 

Delivery guaranteed - tracked parcel delivery

Fully monitored process from remote wilderness sites to delivery

Ultimate natural flavour 

"I love Wilderness Manuka Honey. It is a delicious tasting potion of antibacterial and anti inflammatory honey and best of all the hives are remote so I know its pure and natural"

–Janet Lamont

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